5 Ways We Are Blessed By Blessing Others

“The greatest blessing in the whole world is being a blessing.”

– Jack Hyles

Giving Comfort

When we suffer through trials, God often uses that pain to help minister to others. We can’t sympathize with what others are going through unless we ourselves have gone through something similar, and as the Apostle Paul says. God “comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God” (2nd Cor 1:4). In other words, we give out the same comfort we’ve received from God.

Praying for Others

We are commanded to pray for one another, but you can bless others by not only praying for them, but by telling them you are. What a blessing it is to hear that someone’s been praying for you. We know that other people have lives too and they have busy schedules like most of us do, so when someone tells you that they are praying for you, thank them, and ask God’s blessing on them, but in reality, God’s going to bless anyway, because God blesses those who are a blessing to others.

Giving to Others

I have a close brother in our church which is even closer than my own blood brother. Jack is such a blessing to me. He often just comes up to me and gives me money or asks me, “Is there anything you need? Are you doing okay?” Wow, that just floors me. I see God working through Jack to bless another Jack (that would be me), and this man is piling up treasures in heaven because he’s given so much to so many, but he is being blessed by God by being a blessing to me and to many others.

Encouraging Others

The Apostle Paul tells the church at Thessalonica to “encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing” (1st Thess 5:11), so apparently they were already encouraging the brothers and the sisters in Christ. When you encourage others, you are building them up. The word “encourage” simply means to enable others to be more courageous, and don’t we need that today in a world that tends to beat us down and discourage us. That’s not God’s way.

Giving and Receiving

By giving we are actually receiving. What I mean is when we give others our time, talents, and treasure, we are receiving back from God a special blessing, because what you do for others in the body of Christ, you are actually doing for God (Matt 25:40). For example, what you do for my wife, you do for me, so in this same way, what we do for others in the church is what we’re doing for God, and God will bless such a person as this.


Mr. Hyles is so right when he said that “The greatest blessing in the whole world is being a blessing.” When we can comfort others, we’re giving the same comfort we’ve received from God; when we pray for others, we’re giving of our time for their good; when we encourage others, we’re building others up; and when we give of ourselves to others, we’re doing it for Jesus Christ, and how great of a blessing that is, because it comes back to us in one way or another.