4 Ways God Chooses the Called

“God does not choose those who are fit. He outfits those whom He chooses.”

– Jack Hyles

God Calls the Least

If you remember the story of Gideon, who was hiding in a winepress trying to thresh out some barley so that the starving Israelites could eat, he would be the least you would ever consider to command a force against a powerfully dominant enemy. The Midianites were skilled, experienced soldiers. Gideon’s men were shepherds and farmers. Gideon was the least of his tribe and in the least of the tribes, but to God it didn’t matter. It was God who was doing the calling, and He went before the enemy’s thousands with only 300 and routed the enemy. God chose a young, lowly, humble shepherd boy to be the second king of Israel in David. Don’t ever think you can’t contribute to God’s work just because of what the world thinks of you; it’s what God thinks that counts!

God Equips the Called

Have you heard this before: God never calls the equipped; He equips the called. That does seem to be true when you look back at church history. Often, it’s the last person you’d ever expect to end up as a giant in the faith. Never underestimate anyone because God can work through anybody He chooses. And when He chooses, He will equip!

God Rejects the Proud

If someone feels that they’re already equipped to do a ministry and need no assistance from God, they may not be called in the first place. God will stiff-arm anyone who is full of themselves and feels that they are self-sufficient. God is opposed to the proud and will only extend His grace to the humble of heart (James 4:6).

God Looks at the Heart

Thankfully, when God calls, He knows where to look to see who the best fit for a particular ministry is, and He doesn’t look on the outside. “The Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart” (1 Sam. 16:7). God can see the heart; we cannot. Therefore, He is infinitely more qualified to make that call than we are. Trust Him. I do.


Mr. Hyles is certainly right. God does not choose those who are fit. He outfits those whom He chooses. God may choose to call someone we think isn’t qualified, God may call someone who’s not equipped, God will call only the humble, and God looks at the heart and not on the outside.