3 Reasons We Always Need God

“We need God as much in the calm as in the storm.”

– Jack Hyles

A Storms Coming

If you’re not in a storm right now, prepare for one. Every believer is destined to pass through storms in life; it’s only a matter of when and not if, so prepare for it today and don’t be surprised when it comes. Once Jesus sent the disciples off in a boat and knew that a storm was coming, but this gave God an opportunity to be glorified as Jesus rebuked the storm (Luke 8:24). He can do the same for yours.

In a Storm

While you’re in a storm, all you can do is pray to the God Who is sovereign over the storm. The storm can do nothing that God doesn’t allow and He can use evil for His own good purposes (Gen 50:20). When Joseph what twice thrown into prison, he trusted God and it said of Joseph, time and again, “And the Lord was with Joseph” (Gen 39:21), even while he was in prison and being falsely accused.

In the Calm

It’s so easy to forget about praying when things are going well, but this is exactly the time to be praying…in case another storm is headed your way, so we need God as much during the calm as we do in the storm since we don’t know what’s coming in the future. God alone knows what is coming, even when we can’t see it. God is sovereign over the storm but He is also sovereign over the calm…and even time is no restriction to Him.


Jack Hyles shows great wisdom in saying that we need God in the calm because there is another storm coming and we don’t want to be unprepared for it. All we need to do is trust the God of the storm and the God of the clam. He is in both of them, so whatever happens, it will always work out for our very best. We have God’s Word on that (Rom 8:28).