3 Reasons Why Failure’s a Comma and Not a Period

“Failing is not a disgrace unless you make it the last chapter of your book.”

– Jack Hyles

Make Disappointment an Appointment

Some people can take disappointment and make it an appointment–an appointment with God to do something great. I know we all disappoint God from time to time, but we would make Him even more disappointed if we let that disappointment be the last chapter (or attempt) in our book. At the moment we quit trying, God cannot work with us anymore. Failure is not the end of an opportunity; it is the process of taking advantage of one. So take the disappointment and turn it into an appointment–an appointment with God!

A Comma, Not a Period

I once counseled a young man who wanted to take his life. He considered suicide as the only way out, but I told him that what you want to make as a period (suicide) God wants to use as a comma (character-building opportunity). Ending your life puts a period where God intends to put a comma. God alone has that right; we clearly do not. We might not be able to see beyond the comma, but God is there waiting for us and desires that we keep on going and not make that comma a period and not make that our last chapter.

Convenient Place to Pray

If you fail, it’s not a disgrace. The real disgrace is not getting back up. However, if you have fallen and are near the ground, why not pray since you’re already in a position to? Use your failure as reason to pray to God. Failure is not fatal or final. We’d have no idea how great success is if we had not first failed. Failing is a part of life, but it isn’t all of life. I remember going through college years ago and failing in Algebra. I failed in math and thought my dream of college was over, but I got back up and started hitting the books again. I did pass the next time I took Algebra, and that was my only failure in college. It wasn’t a disgrace to fail but would’ve been if I had made that the last chapter of my college experience.


I don’t know of anyone who has never failed at anything except Jesus Christ. So we must realize that failing is not a disgrace unless you make it the last chapter of your book. Make disappointments appointments, and make failure a comma and not a period. When you do fail, don’t fail to pray.