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How to Help Kids That Love Building With Blocks Fall In Love With God’s Word

  1. I love this Bible’s use of building blocks and all that they represent for our children….. Children that love building things will find this Brick Builders Illustrated Bible a neat treasure because it speaks to their interest specifically.

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Amazing Artwork & Design

The Brick Builders Illustrated Bible is a fresh way to excite young readers to embrace God’s Word. This particular Bible is very catchy with its 3D design and brick building pieces that make up the bold and colorful illustrations on each page. Children love to build with blocks so putting this concept to the pages of a children’s Bible is a way for them to discover God’s Word in a creative way.

I love this Bible’s use of building blocks and all that they represent for our children. The use of vibrant colors and building block characters in each story’s backdrop truly is a wonderful way to discover the beauty of the Bible. This idea of laying a Christian foundation in a child’s life through this “building theme” is a great way of teaching kids who have a love of building, design and architecture. If they have building blocks at home, they can read each story and use their blocks to re-create the powerful and exciting images on each page.

Children that love building things will find this Brick Builders Illustrated Bible a neat treasure because it speaks to their interest specifically. This Bible is perfect for the ages of children 6-10 years old. The characters in each story are in “action” and the expressions on their faces are a wonderful way to capture the emotion in each story. The words are placed on a colorful building block in the corner of every page and the 3D picture draws you into the message, but in a fun, building mindset.

The story of Moses and the Red Sea, for example, shows the parting of the Red Sea with the water built out of bright blue bricks with the water caps as white bricks rolling high above, creating a way for Moses to lead the Hebrews to safety. Kids will easily be drawn into each picture because of the depth, dimension, colors and detail.


Great Building Block Lessons

At the end of each Bible story, there is a yellow building block lesson that is a great takeaway for kids. It is perfect for them to think about the story, God’s truth and how to foster their faith building skills in small ways. The continuity of the yellow brick is a great way for them to stop after each story and contemplate what God has done and will also do for them.

There are 35 building block stories and lessons in this Illustrated Bible. As each day passes with our sweet children, it is important that they grow towards God and what He has in store for them. The yellow building block is a way for young readers to pause and think about the story and instill in their hearts what it means to them.


Thumbs Up for The Brick Builders Illustrated Bible

The layout of The Brick Builders Illustrated Bible is really amazing. Through eye-catching pictures that illustrate God’s Word, kids will broaden their love of building tasks. The Illustrator, Antony Evans, did a remarkable job with the artwork and his mastery certainly brings the stories to life in a unique way.

My 8-year-old daughter, who loves to build with anything she can get her hands on, loved the bright pictures in this Bible and was drawn to it immediately! She loved to look at all the ways the bricks were used to represent objects, people and beautiful images, especially the bright, fluffy clouds. She was mesmerized by the Brick people and Evan’s ability to convey the emotion of each character. Their facial expressions alone helped her understand the depth, power and all that was happening in the Bible story. She also appreciated that the drawings were front and center of the page and the writings on the side. The 3D pictures really made the scenes come to life for her.

I believe it is important that we share these beloved Bible stories in a multitude of ways so that it fits the interests of our children at certain times of their development. Using building blocks to illustrate the Bible is an amazing concept because it is so appealing to many young minds, in particular those who love to stack blocks as high as they can and unleash their imaginations through this process. I hope you will take a closer look at The Brick Builders Illustrated Bible. Your child will love to see how each brick fits together while learning God’s story.

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