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Celebrating Christmas with a Bible Just for Little Ones

  1. It is never too early to expose our little ones to the The Beginner’s Bible. It is the bestselling Bible storybook of all time with 6 million copies sold.

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Updated Artwork

The Beginner’s Bible is a wonderful Christmas gift for young children to begin their understanding of the Bible’s timeless stories. The Beginners Bible, originally released in 1989, has updated artwork that allows the stories to come alive even more as children and parents flip through the pages. It is a great starting point for children 6 years and under to learn the Old and New Testament and begin to shape their hearts and minds with each story.

This Beginner’s Bible was a favorite in our house with each of our three girls. The simple content and vibrant pictures are a perfect way for young minds to read and begin to learn biblical truth. The Beginner’s Bible is how our youngest daughter learned her favorite story of Noah saving the animals and God putting a rainbow in the sky as a promise to never flood the entire earth again. She would read this over and over and has been fascinated by Noah’s Ark and rainbows ever since!

In today’s fast paced, ever-changing world, it is so important to show our small children how much God loves them and that His Word remains the same through time. The Beginner’s Bible offers a fun and easy way to show little ones God’s power through these Bible characters and stories. I am pleased to see the updated artwork so that children will continue to be drawn into God’s message in fun and refreshing ways.


The Beginner’s Bible Online Gift Guide

The Beginner’s Bible website is a perfect place to supplement children’s learning of God’s Word. There is a fantastic variety of Christmas books for young ones to learn the true meaning of Christmas. For example, Let’s Meet Jesus, The Very First Christmas, and A Christmas Celebration Sticker and Activity Book are just a few. In addition, The Beginner’s Bible website has fun freebies that include a coloring pack, sticker sheet, activity pack, All about Mary, and a 21 Day Devotional pack that can enhance your child’s Christmas experience.

The site offers a wide variety of ancillary products such as board books, devotionals, prayer books and much more that are worth looking into and exploring with your preschoolers and young readers. I especially like the Bedtime Collection of 20 favorite Bible stories. Following each story is a goodnight prayer and has a padded glow-in-the dark cover. Bedtime can be such a sweet time to introduce prayer, devotional time and God’s stories. I encourage parents to look at The Beginner’s Bible site to find the right Bible for their child.

For those little ones not ready to read, the Deluxe Edition offers the complete Beginner’s Bible along with 2 Audio CD’s enhanced with narration, music and sound effects that help bring the stories to life. The Beginner’s Bible is also in other formats such as an ebook, app for an iPad and a condensed board book edition as well. All of these resources are expansive and give parents a great foundation for their kids to learn about God.


Faith Building Gifts for Christmas

Although the original version is dear to me and our children, I encourage others to explore the new, updated artwork of this timeless favorite. It is never too early to expose our little ones to the The Beginner’s Bible. It is the bestselling Bible storybook of all time with 6 million copies sold. It is imperative for young minds to begin with God’s Creation story in Genesis and to grow in their knowledge with each timeless story until they reach the end in Revelation so they read through the Bible as a complete story.

If Jesus is at the center of each family unit, I believe our Lord and Savior can work significantly within this Kingdom mindset and change hearts and lives forever. Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, the son of God, our Messiah. He is our Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father and Prince of Peace. I hope this Christmas we can assist our children, God’s precious children, in understanding that The Bible is the most important book they will ever read. We are so fortunate, as parents, to have these remarkable resources for our little ones to begin to learn just how much God loves them. I hope you will check out The Beginner’s Bible website and all the various resources for building up our children in God’s Word and giving this gift of love and legacy this Christmas season.

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Tiffany currently lives in Tennessee with her husband and their three daughters (ages 14, 12 and 8 yrs). When Tiffany is not spending time with her husband and girls, she enjoys exercising, walking in nature, cooking healthy recipes in her kitchen, listening to music, writing, studying God’s Word and reading wellness books. She and her family attend Immanuel Baptist Church.